And The Versatile Blogger Award goes to …

The Versatile Blogger award, kindly bestowed on tripsfor2 by Karen Chandler at Visioning, goes to 15 bloggers we follow.

Their style, photos, and word choice show a curiosity and playfulness we really savor.

Thanks to each for their inspiration!  And thanks for all these writers, photographers and artists for sharing their joy in exploring words and images, from America to New Zealand.

1.  Ginger Goes Glamping:  LOL every time you read it.  Richard Broadwell’s photos, especially along the Pacific Coast, are superb.  But the pix of Ginger, well … check this blog and you’ll see what we mean. The only blog we follow that’s posted by a 12-year-old — with attitude.

2.  I Just Read About That: Be amused; be entertained; be thoughtful; learn about the world, every time you stop by.  Paul Debraski posts so often, we sometimes read a bunch at once.  Each post is so good — from classical/rock/video game music to New Yorker musings — we read every word.

Thanks from two unemployed workers who love to read, but can’t afford all these mags (and won’t buy an iPad ’til we get jobs, thanks). And thanks for all the music.

3.  Indranil Saha: We caught one of Indranil’s photos by happenstance one day — a cool, B&W from New York, and noticed he was from Mumbai.  Hit “like”, then sent him a message begging for photos from Mumbai, our former home.  His shots of playing children are so poignant, it makes our hearts ache for India.

4.  PhotoBotos:  WordPress is full of great photographers.  We’re inspired by all the B&W shots, especially. But PhotoBotos travels so much; has so much fun all over the world; and takes such provocative shots — a whale’s eye? really? — we’re jealous every time we open a new post. Plus, they promise “One AMAZING photo everyday (sic)”, so we must open every post.

5.  The Smatter:  Funny, irreverent, pensive … journalism and social commentary from one of our favorite cities, San Francisco. We suspect Matt Rhodes has a higher salary than many bloggers, but his satire is for the masses.

6.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch:  Lush, evocative photos, and whimsical, nostalgic writing about family. Hot photos of the author, musician-photographer Jessie Veeder, and her equally hot husband. (You get the beautiful, talented wife and the big ranch?) You don’t have to be an animal lover to admire all the gorgeous horses on the Veeders’ 3,000 acres of bliss in North Dakota.

7.  Victor Travel Blog: We love Victor Tribunsky’s spirit — he loves luxury; he loves to travel; and he loves to work out.  He’s a personal trainer, and his travel photos are unique.  We stumbled on his blog while dreaming about the tropics.  Check his incredible shark photo and “Dancing With Manta Rays.”

8.  Per Square Mile: We admit we don’t read every single post, because PhD author Tim De Chant sometimes writes above our grade level.  But he presents such vital material — population density, for instance — in such a compelling way, we feel guilty if we don’t read his blog.  (Some posts just relax in our email until we have a quiet moment to concentrate.  Just read “ghosts of ecology”, for instance.)

9. Memory Bears by Bonnie: There are a lot of craftsy, clever bloggers, but hospice/palliative care nurses might be a minority.  Memory Bears shows us a different path through grief and the often-long, very misunderstood process of mourning.  A blog of love.

10. Old 454:  We’re annoyed sometimes by the anonymity of some bloggers, but then we connected with “Old 454” and have no idea who the author is … We’re awed by his inner strength, his Iron Man training, his Spiritual Warrior humor, and his tips on perseverance (an Olympic triathalon, OMG). Inspiring, without the sweat. Especially the “polyphasic sleep quickies” — love that post.

11.  This Kelly Carpenter:  Down-to-earth blog by a musician-producer-songwriter from Seattle. We first read one of his posts about disability (Kathleen is disabled — Afghanistan war), then stayed and subscribed for the music.  We’re new to small business (unemployed, so starting our own biz), so appreciate Kelly’s honest, behind-the-scenes reports of inspiration + hard work = success. That’s especially inspiring when you’re new entrepreneurs.

12.  Leanne Daharja Veitch:  This Australian-born composer/lyricist who lives in New Zealand caught our attention after she read Kathleen’s daily gratitude blog.  Leanne was responding to a post about Swiss composer Ivo Antognini, who had just had a world premiere in Canada.  Leanne won our attention when she insisted no one is tone deaf.  (She hasn’t heard us sing!)  We’re impressed by her music, global performances of her music, and her approach to sharing music, free, all over the world.

13.  Ian Spagnolo Photography:  This Australian photographer makes us sigh … with pleasure ….  Be inspired by one of Ian’s landscapes — urban or nature — 365 days a year.

14.  Lesley Carter:  Love her adventuring spirit … Lesley has been to almost as many countries as we have and has tried stuff we haven’t, incl. rock climbing.  But any woman who has been to 33 countries in 30 years and is always planning new adventures — after a new baby! — has our admiration.  One of the sweetest wedding photos too.

15.  Journal of an Adventurous Mother:  Sarah Lawton proves you don’t have to be on the road to appreciate travel elsewhere. Her posts from England about elephants in India are so … OK, motherly. We love her mom-and-kids photos of kayaking. (Kayaking is one of our favorite escapes.) Who can resist Sarah’s tagline: “There’s more to life than ironing!”

8 thoughts on “And The Versatile Blogger Award goes to …

  1. Thank you so much for this incredible honor, I am truly humbled by your generosity. My adventures will be continuing very soon as I have convinced my humans to caravan with a group of fellow travelers all the way south to Cabo. Can’t wait to dance on some tables after muchos margaritas!

    Happy New Year!


    • our dearest Ginger,
      Enough snoozing on the couch! Get back out there and caravan to Cabo. (More Pacific to play in!) Maybe you’ll see whales.
      We want to know all … pls post lots and lots of pix. Love your shades!!

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